Member Product Database

The BTL maintains a list of BACnet products that have been independently tested and it is located here. In addition to the BTL Listing, BACnet International maintains a catalog of BACnet products. Most of the products in the catalog are also in the BTL Listing. However, some products in this catalog are not in the BTL Listing. There are a variety of reasons why a product might not be in the BTL Listing, including:
  • it may have been BTL Listed at one time but have since been archived due to obsolescence or for other commercial reasons;
  • it may be currently undergoing testing and will be BTL Listed in the future;
  • there may be no BACnet specific test (for example, RS-485 twisted pair wire);
  • it may not have been independently tested at a recognized BACnet test organization.
As a service to the community, BACnet International maintains this Member Product Database to provide information on all their BACnet products. You can search by product name, product model or any other text string. As an alternative, you can select a manufacturer and get information on all the BACnet products they offer. Search results include links to PICS documentation and indicate the BTL Listing status of each product.






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